Mariee Sioux Reaches Out Again: Millions of Streams & not “enough for the basics of life”

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Mariee Sioux:

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Folk singer-songwriter Mariee Sioux has once again reached out to her fans. In a social media post, dated yesterday, Sioux talked about how her cover of “Lovesong” by The Cure had surpassed 15 million plays on Spotify. The track was featured on the Cure tribute, Perfect as Cats, a benefit album for Amnesty International. Sioux said that whatever monies accrued went to the human rights organization, “which I am glad about,” she says.  But the singer explained, “when you don’t have any financial security, and you see all these plays of your songs, get the most deeply moving messages of people playing the songs literally while their loved ones are dying or being born, people having profound experiences……and realize there are millions of listeners out there.. WOW…. yet wonder why you can’t seem to even have enough for the basics of life, let alone continue to tour and be creative. I run into people and they sometimes act as if I must really be killing it, or ask me for advice in the music world since I’ve “Made it”… I’ve gotten “famous”.. yada yada… And I’m like– I don’t know what that means!!!!???”

“You can’t just assume at this time in the music industry that because you’ve heard someone’s music on Pandora or Spotify that they are making a living off their art, they are set and basically should be able to be out there recording albums and touring all the time.” –Mariee Sioux

You can read her entire post at this location.

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