Mariee Sioux Reaches Out, “I am an artist struggling to survive” – Listen!

Today, folk singer-songwriter Mariee Sioux reached out through a social media post. Sioux is asking her fans to help financially by purchasing her music, a novel idea in today’s streaming era. If you are in a position to help, you can purchase her music at this location. I have also embedded the angelic track ‘Wild Eyes’ from her 2007 album Faces in the Rocks. Sioux’s complete post can be read below:

“REAL TALK! Can I just put it out there, that I am an artist struggling to survive, I do not make enough $ to rent my own room at this time, barely pay my car payments to travel around, and eat and live… I live in and out of my folks spare room (thank god for them!) as I set up my own shows and tour around as much as I can afford, I don’t have a job I return to at home and I am looking for work in my small home town and cannot find any at this time. I am not hopeless, I love what I do SO MUCH and I have a deeply rich life experience full of adventure wonder spirit magic and depth. I ask at this time if you have been listening to Mariee Sioux music for free streaming online over the years, could you do me a favor and pay me what you can afford for the tunes 🙂 !! (Pay Pal, Venmo @MarieeSioux and/or buy the music for your friends or yourself at ♥ !!!) At this time I’m also looking for creative ways to make some cash also …. Ideas Floating around are recording custom songs for folks maybe just on my phone but played just for you, a songs of mine of your choice, someone else suggested handwritten scroll of lyrics to a song(s). If any of this is interesting to you and you have enough $ for some extra arts in your life lets talk PM ME! THANK YOU LOVE YOU THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT ALWAYS AND FOREVER !!”