Vintage King NAMM 2018 Booth + Chase Bliss Audio Thermae & Condor Guitar Pedal

Vintage King:  Main Floor, Booth #15517 @ NAMM 2018

Vintage King: “We always look forward to seeing what Chase Bliss Audio has in store for the NAMM Show and they did not disappoint.” Meet the Thermae and Condor.

The Chase Bliss Audio Thermae is a pitch-shifting delay powered by four reissued versions of the MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips. Create totally unique sounds and textures its multiple modes. It’s MIDI controllable with a digital.

The Chase Bliss Audio Condor is analog EQ/Pre/Filter. It features a 100% analog signal path with digital control, presets, and MIDI. Switch between clean or overdrive tones. A parametric boost/cut provides mid control from 150 Hz to 5 kHz with 3 “Q” settings. The bass boost/cut control features three intensity settings. Use the low-pass filter’s three settings: normal, slightly resonant, very resonant. Ramping/hold functionality for LFO filter tremolo effects. True bypass or buffered bypass selectable via dip switch.