Nikki Sixx’s Ex-Wife Baywatch Star Donna D’Errico Joins OnlyFans: “This post may upset some people” – 2022 – Motley Crue

Donna D’Errico: I’m doin it. LINK: Go check it out.

My take on a vintage pin-up poster. I obviously don’t take myself, or the fact that I’m on that site, too seriously.

This post may upset some people. I don’t care.

People think everyone on that site is doing raunchy stuff. And if anyone from decent society dared to start an account there, they could pretty much kiss their reputation and maybe even their job goodbye. Aw that’s so sad look she’s on OF now poor girl. Must be hard up.

All these celebs posting nude and topless pics of themselves here on IG and Twitter all the time covering their important bits with their hands. Boom, thousands of likes & comments talking about body positivity and confidence and empowerment, and you go girl! Hot! But take that same photo of that same celeb and put it on OF where she can control who sees it and now, she’s gross and hard up. People kill me.

“That site” is a social media platform pretty similar to the rest with a few big differences. No censorship, and no bullying/haters. I’m in.

What you will see: Bikini and lingerie modeling pics, outtakes from magazine editorials, me doing funny things in bikinis because I have such an incredible sense of humor yet am also so humble, new and vintage bts photos & videos, and whatever else I decide I want to post.

What you will not see: My hoo-ha.
What I don’t want to see: Your manhood.

Also, I’m running my account personally. I’m not using an agency to run it for me and refuse to use those hired chatters to pretend to be me in the messages. That’s rampant now. But I’ll have fun with this for a bit and if it gets to be too much to handle on my own, I’ll just shut it down.

Form an orderly queue, gents ❤️