Vevo Courting Warner Music Group

Vevo is reportedly in talks to add music video content from Warner Music Group, a move that would give the site material from the world’s three biggest music labels. Vevo officials also hope that it will help the site become a destination for music videos, instead of just a content producer for content displayed on YouTube. The site is owned, in part, by Universal Music Group and Sony Music, whose artists make up most of Vevo’s current content. Negotiations with Warner have just begun, and spokesmen for both sides have declined to comment.

Vevo’s ambitious plans to expand are aimed at putting a dent in YouTube’s domination of the online video marketplace. While Vevo currently features music videos from hundreds of Sony and Universal-signed artists, most of the fans that watch those videos find them by searching on YouTube. Additional content from Warner acts could help Vevo steer more video watchers directly to the site, and possibly even allow the service to offer a premium subscription service.