Sanctuary Drummer, Dave Budbill, Talks ‘Inception’ Backstory

Sanctuary posted a video blog with drummer Dave Budbill providing some backstory on the band’s newly released Inception, a collection of presumed lost 1986 studio recordings. In the video, Budbill talks about recording the demo, ‘Soldiers of Steel’, at Triad Studios in Redmond, WA, the same studio Queensryche recorded their classic self-titled debut EP.  Inception was released on February 24, 2017. For more album details, GO HERE.


“Dream of the Incubus”
“Die for My Sins”
“Soldiers of Steel”
“Death Rider / Third War”
“White Rabbit”
“Ascension to Destiny”
“Battle Angels”
“I Am Insane”
“Veil of Disguise”