Rose Tattoo’s Angry Anderson Issues Onstage Behavior Apology: “Anti-depressants and alcohol do not mix!” – 2023

Rose Tattoo: APOLOGY

Brothers and sisters, I’m here today to offer an apology; I was taught, in my growing years, to admit to and apologise for my mistakes and to shoulder the responsibility, therefore own, the consequences of my actions, these lessons that I’ve learnt and live by I’ve handed down to my children, so in the spirit of that I’m here to offer my apology.

Firstly, I apologise to the female that incurred and suffered my wrath at a gig last weekend, if this message gets to her somehow, which I hope it does, she and others that were there, will know this apology is meant for her.

My behaviour was shabby, to say the least, it was disproportionate, inappropriate, uncalled for and worst of all unmanly, so to that woman I offer my sincere apology.

Also, I apologise to all and any that found my behaviour, in regards this particular situation, in any way disappointing or offensive!…as for any other comments that I made apart from this one occasion, I make no apology.

On a final note, I offer this advice, try to learn from your mistakes; firstly, I confess to making this mistake a few times over the last few years and hopefully I am learning from my mistakes, my advice is simply this, when your doctor warns you about mixing anti-depressant’s with alcohol please heed that advice, anti-depressants and alcohol do not mix!.. well!
Love and Light to you all, Angryo