Randy Castillo Documentary – The Life, Blood and Rhythm – Lita Ford, Ozzy, Motley Crue

Lita Ford:  “So great to see the new Randy Castillo documentary up in the ‘new & noteworthy’ section of iTunes.  Narrated by Lita Ford; just released!  The Life, Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo.”  Available at this location.

From Mariachi to Ozzy, from Native roots to Mötley Crüe, Randy Castillo became one of the greatest drummer in rock. His personal story was even more magical. Home videos trace his musical evolution, from childhood to the surreal stagecraft of his early bands, to the innovative performances that define his legend—and heavy metal, itself—to this day. His single-minded discipline inspired everyone around him, but he is remembered by friends as a man of unfailing loyalty, unwavering kindness and an indefinable mystique that bordered on the supernatural. At the peak of his career, Randy began to focus on a family life with his fiancée, Christina. But he was soon taken by cancer, leaving a void in the lives of his fiancée, his family, and a surprisingly large circle of rock superstars who considered him to be one of their closest and most trusted friends. In the words of renowned stage manager Mark Russo, “He wasn’t just a force of nature as an artist; he was a force of nature as a human being.”

In 1984, Castillo was hired to play drums for Lita Ford and was featured on her Dancin’ On The Edge album.  Following the Dancin’ On The Edge tour, Castillo was hired by Ozzy Osbourne and remained in his band for a decade, recording five albums,  The Ultimate Sin (1986), No Rest for the Wicked (1988), an EP entitled Just Say Ozzy (1990), No More Tears (1991), and a double-disc live album, Live & Loud (1993).