Priest Censors Black Sabbath in Fulda, Germany in 1994 via Tony Martin – Cross Purposes Tour – VIDEO

Tony Martin:

In 1994, Sabbath played a show in Fulda, Germany. But to do the show, a righteous dude from the church had to approve what we were doing! So, he came to a show to see if we were sacrificing any of the local maidens and decided that what we did was acceptable and said we could do it, but they had to censor the posters because you can’t have a burning angel … Apparently …

Anyway, Fulda was the only show that had the censor and it was a crocodile with its mouth open. … So, you can eat an angel, but you can’t burn one!!.. Ohhhhkay. I found in my collection a couple of these posters ….

I love that they even censored the little thumbnail of the album cover at the bottom… Just to make sure.