Paul Stanley on Russia/Ukraine War: “We are watching in real-time as families are decimated” – 2022

Paul Stanley: While we are living our everyday blessed lives, the people of Ukraine are fighting for theirs against overwhelming odds. We are watching in real-time as families are decimated and a country is battered. There’s a dark cloud over us all who are powerless today to help. I will pray.

ChiefNatali: Thank you very much for these words! I am Ukrainian, but Russian blood flows in me too, and this makes my soul incredibly sore. UKRAINE alone is resisting the authorities, who do not spare either the Russians or the Ukrainian people! I ASK EVERYONE TO PRAY FOR UKRAINE! СПАСИБО🙏 I am grateful to Mr. Stanley for this music, because it gave me strength when I had cancer and now, when my soul hurts. Everything that happens is HORRIBLE. I was in tears all day yesterday And also a HUGE THANK YOU for the words of support to UKRAINE She really needs our prayers.