KISS Guitarist Tommy Thayer on Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley, “There’s only so much air in the room” – 2022 – Interview

60 Minutes Australia: “There are big egos, but let’s be honest, that’s what it takes.” In a never-before-seen interview with 60 Mins, KISS lead guitarist Tommy Thayer revealed the secrets to the band’s incredible success and longevity.

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(transcribed by full in bloom)

What’s it like being on the road with KISS?

Tommy Thayer:

Well, this does not suck. It doesn’t suck being the lead guitarist in one of the great rock n’ roll bands of all time. It’s really every kid’s dream. It’s a dream come true. Actually, it is for me because I grew up as a KISS fan back when I was thirteen/fourteen years old. So, the irony is, it has come full circle for me.

Does it ever get old?

No, this never gets old. It can’t get old. Again, this is the ultimate, being in a rock band like KISS and touring the world in private jets and great hotels. We work really hard, but there are a lot of nice things that come along with it as well. Being in a band, this is about as good as it can get.

On Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley:

They’re so different in so many ways but then they’re kind of uniquely similar in certain ways as well. I can’t really get into it, but….I’ll just say, there’s only so much air in the room and sometimes it takes a personality like me or Eric (Singer) to kind of just be there and do what we do without too much aggrandizing and everything else. The thing that really works with KISS these days is the chemistry between the personalities. There’s just no doubt about it. A lot of people don’t realize that’s really important to the success and longevity of a band. You see so many bands breakup, they hate each other. You see that all the time. Because of the personalities, this seems to work very well, and I think that’s why the band is so good today.

Are they competitive?

Absolutely. Big egos. I mean, let’s be honest. But that’s what it takes to be Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, also. I’ve known these guys for almost forty years now and I have lots of respect. They’ve given me great opportunities in my life, obviously, and I appreciate it. They’re not simple and easy to deal with all the time, nobody really is. But overall, I couldn’t be happier just to be part of this and be in KISS and have a great relationship with Gene and Paul for so long.

Watch more clips via our previous post @ this location.