Hitsville EQ Collection – Plugin – UAD – Universal Audio – LISTEN: Bass, Piano, Drums, Vocals – VIDEO

Universal Audio: Hello, Hitsville EQ Collection! 👋 Hear how the secret-sauce EQs used on Motown classics sound on bass, piano, drums, and vocals!

🎶 Music by Jamie Jones

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Get instant “Motown Sound” with the only EQ emulations officially licensed by the legendary Hitsville U.S.A. studio

Dial in rich-sounding vocal, drum, bass, and guitar tones with the same Equalizers used on Motown classics

Shape sounds quickly with a seven-band graphic EQ

Produce fuller stereo mixes using Hitsville’s rare mastering EQ, custom “Motown Filters,” and mid/side control

Hitsville EQ Plug-In Sound Examples | UAD Spark & UAD-2