Henry Rollins on David Lee Roth, “He wouldn’t dig someone being disadvantaged” – 2022 Interview

full in bloom: In a brand new interview with Hype Magazine, Henry Rollins talked about his upcoming U.S. tour, working with David Lee Roth, appearing on “You’re The Worst,” career plans, & more. You can read the entire interview @ this location.


One of my favorite projects you were involved with was David Lee Roth’s Crazy From The Heat autobiography. Around that time there were reports of you “advising” Dave on a spoken word album or accompanying project. Any recollection of what happened with that one?

Henry Rollins: I worked with DLR closely on that project. At one point, he expressed interest in being onstage and telling stories from the book, I think. As I remember, I suggested that he have someone onstage with him to ask him questions that would prompt the stories. I think the record idea sprang from the fact that he did the book out loud onto tape. Almost 100 hours, which I have listened through three times.

The man has a blazing intellect. He is a multi-lingual, multi-disciplined self-starter. He is a voracious reader and student of history. Mark Twain meets Groucho Marx, who’s also a black belt. That’s DLR. The book came out and did really well. It’s a great read and only a fraction of what he put on tape. He’s had an eventful life.

When I interviewed your old friend Kennedy, she told me a story of you two listening to The Jerky Boys and laughing hysterically, but Dave not finding it funny, feeling that the people on the phone with The Jerky Boys were not in on the joke. Is that a sign that we, the everyday people, don’t know a lot about David Lee Roth beyond the music?

Henry Rollins: I think he’s a warrior and in that, he wouldn’t dig someone being disadvantaged and made sport of. If he showed up to a sword fight and the other guy didn’t have a sword, DLR would wait for a sword to be brought in for the other guy and then commence. I don’t remember the story, but I’m not surprised he wasn’t into it.

You can read the entire interview @ this location.