The Last Spiders & Snakes Group Selfie: Lizzie Grey, Chris Sheridan & Tim Yasui

Chris SheridanThe last Spiders & Snakes group selfie: Lizzie Grey, Chris Sheridan and Tim Yasui @ Lizzie’s 60th b-day. #RIPLizzie


Chris SheridanA fun night with ‘Spiders & Snakes’ in Hollywood: Lizzie was in decline, could no longer play guitar but he could still rock!

Lizzie Grey: Vox
Tim Yasui: Drums
Betsy Bitch: B/U Vox
Rik Fox: Bass
Chris Sheridan: Guitar

Not to fear
The Starmaker makes it clear
OZ ain’t far
But get close and it disappears

Classic Lizzie Grey (Gtr, Vox, writer) on “Ups and Downs” (recorded as UltraPop)

Well, fuck, Lizzie is gone but his music lives on:
Lizzie Grey as a melodic lead guitar player, 70’s glam vox and songwriter.
“LA Jets”