Terry Glaze Interview – Pantera, Lord Tracy – Full in Bloom Podcast, Metal Magic


Our Full in Bloom Podcast interview with former Pantera vocalist & Lord Tracy frontman Terry Glaze can be heard via the Soundcloud widget or YouTube video below.  The interview covers his days in Pantera, Lord Tracy and much more.

Listen to Excerpts:

Terry Talks About….

Dimebag Darrell’s Death

Pantera’s Formative Years

Rex Brown’s Book (also transcribed)

Lord Tracy’s History

Terry Glaze Bio -> TerryGlaze.com

nov. 29, 1964 – born columbus, ohio

1980 – formed pantera with vince abbott, darrell abbott, tommy bradford and donnie hart

1983 – pantera releases first album “metal magic”

1984 – pantera “projects in the jungle”

1985 – pantera “i am the night”

1986 – exit pantera, joined up with three musicians, formed what would eventually become lord tracy

1989 – lord tracy releases “deaf gods of babylon”

1991 – exit lord tracy, joined up with three musicians, formed what would eventually become blowphish

1993 – exit blowphish, moved east to maryland

1995 – joined up with two musicians, formed what would become wondermilk

1999 – formed the crayfish

2000 – crayfish first release “i wish you were dead”

2001 – mike and terry release “eyeball”

2002 – crayfish “red”

2002 – mike & terry “march”

2003 – mike & terry “battle for the universe”

2003 – mike & terry “love butcher”

2004 – lord tracy reunion shows, mission from god

2004 – lord tracy releases “live”, “cull none”, and “4”

2006 – “1971”

2007 – terry wins grand prize on “deal or no deal”, takes massive winnings and disappears

2008 – terry tragically loses all his winnings on bad video poker investment

2008 – lord tracy releases “porn again”

2008 – lord tracy video for “wondermilk”

2009 – lord tracy plays ROCKLAHOMA

2009 – lord tracy video for “man in japan”