SRAS7 Ashula Fretted / Fretless Bass, 7-String Bass Guitar, VIDEO, DEMO, AWESOME!!!

SRAS7 Ashula

The SRAS7 Ashula is a groundbreaking product of Ibanez’s forward-thinking bass workshop. A hybrid fretted / fretless bass, the Ashula combines an Aerosilk Piezo pickup and SRAS Super J pickups and two distinct fretboards for unlimited tonal adventures. The clip above features Franck Hermanny demoing the SRAS7 Ashula.

Franck Hermanny

Franck Hermanny is the bassist of the French progressive metal band Adagio. The band has released five studio albums, and toured across the world, including shows with Robert Plant, Devin Townsend, Paradise Lost, Uli Jon Roth and many more. Franck is a highly acclaimed bass player with a versatile playing style that allows him to cover latin, jazz, soul, pop, fusion, metal and more. In addition, he also works as a composer of short movies and soundtracks.