Morbid Angel Venue Roof Collapse Statement – 2023 – The Apollo Theatre – Tornado – St. Belvidere, IL

Morbid Angel: On behalf of Morbid Angel, we want to first and foremost send our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the individual who tragically lost their life last night in the venue roof collapse due to heavy winds from a tornado.

We lost a brother in metal last night, and many were hurt and injured in this tragedy. We would like to express how truly thankful we are for those in attendance (Fans, Venue Staff, Bands and Crew) that assisted with getting people out and to safety. We want to thank the first responders (Fire, EMT, Police) that were on the scene quickly and were able to help in getting people out of the venue and to hospitals for treatment as quickly as possible.


At this time, our minds continue to remain with all those who were injured and hospitalized, as well as everyone who was affected by the storms in the surrounding area. We truly hope for a fast recovery of all who were injured.

As a result of the events of last night, we are working to re-scheduling tonight’s show in Joliet, IL to Wednesday April 5th. With that said, our focus remains with the victims of this terrible storm.