Steve Morse Looking for Stolen Guitar – Reward Offered – Dixie Dregs – Washington DC

Deep Purple / Dixie Dregs guitarist Steven Morse had his Buscarino electric acoustic guitar (pictured above) stolen before a Dixie Dregs concert in Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Theatre on March 7th.  Morse is offering a “no questions asked reward” if returned.

Steve Vai:  “One of the hardest things a guitarist may have to face is when one of their vital guitars gets stolen. Unfortunately, that’s the case with our great Steve Morse. His handmade custom Buscarino guitar, (seen in this photo) was lifted during a load in at the Lincoln Theater in DC on March 7, 2018. He has used this guitar for the last 30 years. If anyone has any leads on where this guitar could be, or if you see it, or if it comes up on your radar for some reason, please write to us.  Many thanks.”