John Waite Documentary ‘The Hard Way’ – 2022 – MOVIE – COMING SOON – The Babys – Bad English

John Waite:



During a 2022 conversation with The Rockpit, John Waite talked about the upcoming documentary’:

It’s been done for a while; it’s been done for like six months. Gold Circle Films put it together, Norm Waitt bankrolled it, he used to run Gold Circle. They came to me with a full-scale camera unit – two major cameras, make-up, the works, it was just insane; it wasn’t just one of those hand-held camera things. And I thought “Oh hang on…” and then I thought “Why not? It’s an interesting story and they were passionate about it.”

I tried to leave people out that were… actually there were a couple of people that I just said “They were fucking bastards” I said it, and I expect a lawsuit on a couple of things I said, but it’s the truth, so fuck it! I’ve worked with producers that really didn’t care, that didn’t get it and were fucking nasty but who you had to deal with when you were a young man and trying it get through. It’s not easy, you know? And true friends came out of the shadows and said some really nice things about me. And my girlfriend was extremely honest, and I told them if I drop the ‘F-Bomb’ or I show up after three glasses of red wine, or I say something that’s off the wall then keep it in! I don’t want to see it. They sent me a copy like three months ago, five months go or whatever… and it took me two months to watch it!

One night I’m just laying in bed and thinking, “Well why not?” And I watched it and… you know I would have done some things very differently, but that’s good, it’s just not what I would do. So, it’s called ‘The Hard Way’ and they’re looking for a distributor, it should come out by the end of the year.