Helix’s Brian Vollmer, “I Just Heard Rip Taylor Passed Away” – Gimme Good Lovin’ VIDEO – Robin Williams

Brian Vollmer: Not too often I post Helix videos, let alone two in one morning, but I just heard Rip Taylor passed away at age 85. Rip appeared in our 1984 video for Gimme Good Lovin’, filmed at Francis Ford Coppola’s film studio Zoetrope in Hollywood. Next door to our set Richard Pryor was filming “Pryor’s Place” (a kid’s show) and Pryor, Robin Williams, and Rip Taylor came over to watch us film. Both Williams and Taylor agreed to let me film them with my sound Super 8 camera. An afternoon I’ll never forget…Rip agreed to appear at the end of the video.

The Making of Gimme Good Lovin’
In 1984 Helix recorded Gimme Good Lovin’, the old Crazy Elephant hit for the WALKING THE RAZORS EDGE album. This was the second video from that album, shot in Hollywood, California. Traci Lords appeared in the video, as did other girls from Penthouse, Oui, and Playboy Magazines, plus some of the Solid Gold Dancers.

Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’ OFFICIAL VIDEO