Pantera: Terry Glaze Talks Dimebag Darrell’s Death, ‘Dean from Hell,’ Buddy Blaze, Vivian Campbell – Transcribed Excerpt

This excerpt was taken from the full in bloom interview with Pantera co-founder Terry Glaze

You can listen to the interview via the YouTube clip above or the Soundcloud widget below.  A transcript of the excerpt can also be found below.

Terry talks about how he found out about Dimebag Darrell’s death, the ‘Dean from Hell,’ Buddy Blaze and Vivian Campbell’s blue polka dot Kramer Nightswan guitar.

You can listen to the entire interview at this location.

On how he found out about Dimebag Darrell’s death:

Terry Glaze:  I got a call – early in the morning – from my friend, Buddy Blaze.  Buddy Blaze is the one who was responsible for that ‘Dean from Hell,’ the blue lightning bolt.  Back in the old days, he got the guitar from Darrell….Darrell had won the guitar in a guitar competition…but Buddy got it….Darrell wanted some money to buy his Firebird.  So Buddy took the guitar and put a Floyd (Rose) on it, just totally customed-out the guitar, and then ended up giving it back to Darrell.  Later, Buddy is the one that did that polka dot blue Kramer Nightswan guitar that Vivian Campbell played in that Whitesnake video.  Buddy is just an amazing guitar player, who we’ve been friends with since he was a teenager….one of my best friends.  But when Darrell died, Buddy was the one that called me and woke me up and said, ‘hey, turn on your whatever.’

Terry Glaze:  And then the funeral happened, I don’t know how many days afterward.  Darrell’s buried in the same cemetery where my grandmother and grandfather are buried and the same cemetery where my wife’s father is buried.  So I was just at that cemetery Christmas, when I was back in Texas for the holidays.  But we go to the funeral, me, Buddy and Tommy Bradford and I think that basically we were the only people who weren’t wasted.  Everyone was wasted, so Darrell would have loved it.  Then that night there was like a big party at the Arlington Convention Center and, you know, all these rock stars are there, everybody was trashed, you know?  Eddie Van Halen was there, freakin’ Zakk (Wylde) was there, the guys in Alice in Chains were there.  Just all of these rock stars.  But there was Darrell’s body in a KISS Casket, shorts and flip flops….and he just look beautiful.  It wasn’t tragic like a car crash or anything.  He looked like he was just asleep.  And it was just so surreal.  You just couldn’t believe it until I went back, I think the next day, and I saw the dirt.   His body was in the ground….in the dirt…..that kind of finality was what made it real to me.  I just didn’t know how to respond or react to it.

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