Guitarist Steve Vai, “Opinionated news is the enemy” – 2022

Reader’s Digest: What would the world look like if Steve Vai was in charge? 🎸 The renowned guitarist, singer-songwriter and three-time Grammy winner shares his vision of a world he would like to lead. You can read the entire feature @ this location.

Only The Facts

Steve Vai: 

All world news outlets would not be allowed to offer opinion—only vetted, demonstrated facts. Within one generation, the face of social media and its messaging would dramatically change as a result. Opinionated news is the enemy of the world.

Propaganda Would Be Banned

It would be considered a crime against humanity, because, simply put, it is.

Digital Voting

Technology would be developed, if it isn’t already, for inviolate, instant digital voting from a person directly to the source count. This paper ballot s**t has got to go. People would be able to make their decisions on things that affect them based on unbiased information in real time.

You can read the entire feature @ this location.