2017 Modest Music Fest: Built to Spill, Finn Riggins, Tickets, Lineup

October 7th & 8th
Downtown Moscow, ID

Built to Spill will headline the first ever Modest Music Fest in Moscow, Idaho. The official lineup will also include performances by Finn Riggins, Bart Budwig, Bryan John Appleby, Cataldo, Chris Staples, COSMOS, Holiday Friends, Marshall McLean, Sama Dams, and many more.  Tickets can be purchased at this location.

Featuring performances by 30 bands at various venues in downtown Moscow on October 7th & 8th.

2017 Modest Music Fest Lineup

Built To Spill (Boise, ID)
Finn Riggins (Boise, ID)
Bart Budwig (Enterprise, OR)
Bryan John Appleby (Seattle, WA)
Cataldo (Seattle, WA)
Chris Staples (Seattle, WA)
COSMOS (Seattle, WA)
Curtis / Sutton & The Scavengers (Boise, ID)
Holiday Friends (Astoria, OR)
Jeffrey Martin (Portland, OR)
Marshall McLean (Spokane, WA)
Roselit Bone (Portland, OR)
Sama Dams (Portland, OR)
The Weather Machine (Portland, OR)
The Ambulanters (Lincoln, NE)
An American Forrest (Enterprise, OR)
Astronaut and The Trees (Lewiston, ID)
Ben Walden (Moscow, ID)
Boat Race Weekend (Spokane, WA)
Caitlin Jemma (Eugene, OR)
Charcoal Squids (Missoula, MT)
The Dancing Plague of 1518 (Spokane, WA)
Food Water Shelter (Moscow, ID)
Himiko Cloud (Wenatchee, WA)
Itchy Kitty (Spokane, WA)
Jango (Spokane, WA)
Joseph Hein (Albion, WA)
LANDRACE (Pullman, WA)
Mise (Moscow, ID)
Mother Yeti (Pullman, WA)
Runaway Symphony (Moscow, ID)
Sam Dickison (Moscow, ID)
Skinny the Kid (Moscow, ID)
SvpperClvb (Pasco, WA)
Triple Lutz (Portland, OR)

Presented by Humble Burger
102 N Main Street
Moscow, ID 83843