UA Plugin: Pro Co RAT Distortion Pedal – Raw Distortion – by Universal Audio – UAD

Rockman: “How good are Universal Audio plugins? When you prefer the plugin over the actual pedal. The plugin is modeled from the original RAT pedal. It has a warmer mid-range then the new pedal. ?”

Raw Distortion
Equal parts warm overdrive and raunchy grind, the Pro Co Rat distortion pedal has been a vital cog in countless guitar rigs since the late ’70s. From Jeff Beck to John Scofield, players of all stripes revere the Rat’s tonal range, smoothness, and heaping amounts of gain. The Raw Distortion for UAD-2 and Apollo is a faithful emulation of this legendary distortion box, delivering all of the grit, dynamics, and raunch of the classic hardware.