Sixx Sense Ending w/ Slash on ‘My Favorite Riff’= Final Guest, Last Show

Nikki Sixx: “8 years. Wow. The heart is heavy. Gonna miss our team. Our family. Our balls to the walls #SupportNewMusic show..SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO JUMP OFF THE ROOFTOP TO LEARN TO FLY OVER TO THE MOUNTAIN TOP. ❤️..Everyday I take a few things home (we really made this our home). Thursday (12/14) Slash is coming in. He will be our last guest. We’ve known each other since 1986…We’re excited to do our final ‘My Favorite Riff’ together, too.”

Nikki Sixx on 12/14: “Great hang on the last Sixx Sense with longtime friend Slash (who) was one of the first guests to do our show and it felt fitting for him to be our last. We will post his My Favorite Riff soon. So many great feeling washing over the room today…Joe Perry and Joe Elliot called in, too.??  SO PROUD that we became the “Biggest Syndicated Rock Show In The World.”  Thank you to every guest & listener plus our whole iHeartRadio team.”

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Launched in 2010, Sixx Sense quickly became the biggest syndicated rock show in the United States. It was distributed to over 130 stations nationwide with nearly 3 million global weekly listeners. Sixx Sense will broadcast for the final time on December 31, 2017.