Trent Reznor Involved in Beats Music App Redesign

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor is playing a huge role in Apple’s revamp of the Beats Music app for iPhones. As the chief creative officer of Beats, Reznor is working closely with co-founder Jimmy Iovine and Apple tech gurus on the app, which is expected to offer a different look and more intricately curated playlists. No official word from Apple on when the Beats relaunch will take place, but insiders expect it to come with the next iOS update. There’s also been no word on a price tag for the new Beats service, but it’s all but certain the monthly $10 fee will not go down. Apple had tried to convince a number of major labels to allow the Beats service to be offered for $8 per month, but the labels argued that they felt the $10 per month price charged by the current Beats service and Spotify, their larger rival, charge. Despite being the clear leader in music streaming, Spotify has been reeling in recent months as artists like Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson have pulled their catalogs from the service over what they consider low per-stream payouts.