Tracii Guns Talks Guitar Live Rig Setup – Signal Chain

Tracii Guns:  “This will pretty much complete my guitar live audio system and here is my signal chain . Line out of my RJS TG100 amp into effects return block on my HEADRUSH pedal board . The send will go into the input of my amplifier . The quarter inch outputs from my Headrush into the power amp shown here (below). The power amp will go to two speaker cabinets . The XLR outputs will run to my Headrush FRFR speaker monitors in front of me . The XLR outputs from my FRFR speakers will go to the house system. The guitar plugs into the Headrush. Basically I am inserting my head into my pedal board and the board splits it into stereo.”

Tracii is currently in the studio with L.A. Guns recording the follow-up to 2017’s The Missing Peace.