L.A. Guns’ Tracii Guns: “We should f***, eat and be in good company as much as possible” – 2023

Tracii Guns:

I’ve gone back and been listening to a lot of Robert Johnson and also Otis Rush. The mythical Papa Legba always comes to mind when I listen to Robert specifically. Blues isn’t always about heartache. It’s about poverty, fear and anxiety as well. Same problems that never go away that all humans suffer from. Papa Legba, the go between, the fearful bluesman, and the afterlife to make a deal with The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub or Mephistopheles. All these are man made names to instill fear into the poor less fortunate people while robbing them blind of their dignity. Then they created a scary image of what this immortal demon would look like. Without ever seeing said demon. But, they also want you to fear god. Confusing right? Other mammals do not have these man made fears.

I know for sure that humans enjoy simple pleasures like food, sex and laughter so, we should fuck, eat and be in good company as much as possible instead of fearing things we have no control of. Life is short. Go enjoy yours. I love y’all. #yourauthenticselfwillpissoffsomepeopleandthatslife