Tidal Launches “Discovery” Service to Support New and Independent Artists

Tidal, the high-profile music streaming service recently relaunched by Jay-Z and other music stars, revealed a new feature on the service designed to help get more exposure for up-and-coming artists. Called Tidal Discovery, the feature’s primary goal is to help new and independent artists to expand their fan-bases by featuring them in monthly playlists to Discovery subscribers. Tidal officials also plan to host a number of concerts across the US featuring acts that gain popularity in the Discovery feature. Tidal has also partnered with Phonofile and Record Union so that Discovery will allow artists to release new music directly through Tidal in the same way they can release music on BandCamp or CoundCloud. According to a press release, the artists will be required to sign a contract to use this feature but will be allowed to select from several royalty structure plans.

Tidal’s Discovery initiative is just the latest in the service’s attempts to bolster independent music, following the Tidal Rising and Tidal X campaigns. Like Discovery, these services help bands to not only gain exposure to a larger audience, but also to help build relationships with their fans. A spokesman for Tidal acknowledged that these services should have been up-and-running and highlighted at Tidal’s relaunch several weeks ago. That even was too focused on introducing Tidal’s new celebrity owners and not enough on how Tidal is different and what the service will do to change the streaming landscape.