Adam Sandler Kicked Someone Out of a Party for Molly Shannon: “The guy was shocked” – 2023 – VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Adam Sandler kicked someone out of a party for Molly Shannon!

Molly Shannon:

Adam did the sweetest thing when I first started the show (SNL). We were at a party, and I was new to journalists and critics. It was a Stuart Smalley afterparty. It was like a premiere party for the movie. Adam was there, and I was there, and a critic came up to me and said something really nasty. I don’t remember exactly what it was; something about the movie – something about me, maybe.

I went and told Adam, and Adam was like, “Who is it?” I was like, “That guy over there.” He was like, “You, come here. Get the hell out of here.” He booted him out, and I’ve never been so protected. He felt like a protective big brother; he was so sweet. And the guy was shocked. Adam showed him the door.