The Dead Daisies: ‘Locked And Loaded’ – Covers Album – John Corabi, Doug Aldrich, Deen Castronovo


All for the love of Rock: That’s really what made this collection of covers come together. These are some of our favorite tunes, some bona fide classics – or simply songs that made us all smile, sweat and scream at a show, band and audience alike.

The original artists and authors of these great songs are from all eras. From blues legend Willie Dixon in the 1950’s through to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones from the 1960’s and iconic bands in the 1970’s like Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who, Deep Purple, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Neil Young and Grand Funk Railroad.

This album is a celebration of the history of Rock and the legacy of great music. So crank them up as they work better with generous amounts of volume and a huge smile on your face. After all, a great song is a great song.

Rock is Indeed alive and well ..

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