Ritchie Blackmore: John Bonham would always tell Zeppelin, “I’m leaving the band. I can’t go back to America again.” – 2022 – VIDEO – Deep Purple – Led Zeppelin – Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore: John Bonham would always tell Zeppelin: “I’m leaving the band. I can’t go back to America again. I can’t do that.” So, Peter Grant (Led Zeppelin’s manager) used to go, “Hey, come to the garage, I want to show you something.” He’d go, “What?” They’d go to his garage and there’s a new Lamborghini, just what Bonzo wanted.

John Bonham:

“Wow, look at that.”

Peter Grant:

“That’s yours for coming to America.”

John Bonham:

“Well, yeah, alright.”

And that’s how he kept coming. But there were a couple of moments there where he ended up crying because he wanted to go home. He didn’t want to be in America, missed his wife, didn’t want to be in a big band. He wanted to be in a small band in Birmingham, just playing. He didn’t care about all that fame.

From John Bonham: The Powerhouse Behind Led Zeppelin:

John Bonham:

“Sometimes touring gets a bit wearing, but that’s only because I’m married with kids at home. I’ve never gotten pissed off with the actual touring. I enjoy playing – I could play every night. It’s just being away that gets you down sometimes. I still enjoy going through different towns that we haven’t been to before. But you get fed up with places like New York because they’re not interesting anymore.”

“I’ve got worse. I have terribly bad nerves all the time. Once we start into ‘Rock And Roll’ I’m fine. I just can’t stand sitting around, and I worry about playing badly – and if I do then I’m really pissed off. If I play well, I feel fine.

Everybody in the band is the same, and each has some little thing they do before we go on, like pacing about or lighting a cigarette. It’s worse at festivals. You might have to sit around for a whole day and you daren’t drink because you’ll get tired and blow the gig. So you sit drinking tea in a caravan with everybody saying, “Far out, man.””

We once did six tours of America in 15 months.