Ozzy Osbourne Getting His Blue Dragon Tattoo from Robert Benedetti in 1982

The Immortal Randy Rhoads:

Ozzy Osbourne getting his blue dragon tattoo from legendary tattoo artist Robert Benedetti, Sunset Strip Tattoo. The tattoo was done in stages beginning in March 1982 and finished in July 1982.


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This is the first tattoo I ever got. I was 17. I got it from Robert Benedetti at Sunset Strip Tattoos. Axl turned me on to him. This is Shirley, a cartoon character I made up in high school, who was part of a short story I wrote. While I was supposed to be writing an essay in social studies class, I drew a picture of this chick. I did a smaller version of her without the waist and legs, on a napkin — which my friend still has — and took it to Benedetti. The next day my mom saw it and said the classic line: “You know you have to live with that for the rest of your life?

Nikki Sixx:

I asked for the Bacardi’s bat emblem. Robert Benedetti was the guy who gave it to me. He was the first guy I’d seen with pierced nipples. The first guy I saw with tattoos on his hands. These days, I have so many tattoos, I’d have to look for a long while to find the bat Robert gave me. (For reasons I can no longer remember, he added a moon.) At the time, I was very impressed.