Graham Bonnet Pays Tribute to Cozy Powell: “The master, the g.o.a.t., the best that ever lived” – 2022 – Rainbow – MSG

Graham Bonnet: It’s that time of year again where we all get together and pay tribute to the master, the g.o.a.t., the best that ever lived…… Cozy Powell. It’s hard not to feel sad on this day because I loved him so much, and he was taken away far too soon, but I’ve chosen to celebrate him and feel so blessed that I got to make as many records and play as many shows with him that I did. There are 1 million stories I could tell you with Cozy but before I do, I want to mention that it was Cozy who took me in and taught me the ropes. Without him, I don’t think I would be where I am or have the body of work that I do. He really believed in me and brought me into a lot of projects that might not have been interested if I hadn’t come recommended by Cozy.

I know I’ve told the story before about the famous “haircut incident.” It’s become embellished over the years and no, Colin was not parked outside my room preventing me from leaving to get a haircut and no, I did not sneak out a window. That being said, Ritchie was quite pleased when my hair had started to grow a bit. He thought “Yes, finally our singer will look like the rest of us,” when I did indeed notice the barbershop when out and about. That night, when I got on stage to do my part, Ritchie took one look at my fresh haircut and went behind his amp and refused to come out for the rest of the night because he was so angry with me. The next day he called a meeting of the band, and when everyone arrived in his room, Cozy asked Ritchie “What’s going on, what are we meeting about?” Ritchie responded by saying “Well, it’s Graham’s hair.” Everyone’s mouth dropped open and Cozy lost it with laughter and the rest of the band followed suit.

I wish Cozy were here right now to reminisce and laugh about the old days. I raise my glass to you Cozy on your 75th birthday and hope wherever you are, you are celebrating too.

I’m posting this lineup promo for you to enjoy the purity and style that was Cozy.