MXR Clone Looper Guitar Pedal 2019

Jim Dunlop: AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE OCTOBER 1. The MXR Clone Looper Pedal can be as simple or complex as your needs dictate—whether you’re practicing at home, captivating audiences with improvisational compositions onstage, or weaving intricate sonic tapestries in the studio.


Hi-fi Looper Pedal with 6 Minutes of (Stretchable) Record Time
If you’ve been searching for a simple looper with bulletproof durability, supreme sound, and room for expansion, MXR’s Clone Looper is the pedal for you. The Clone Looper boasts sample rates up to 88.2kHz — nearly double that of many other digital looper pedals — so you won’t encounter aliasing when recording an overdriven electric or a percussive acoustic. You get up to six minutes of record time to share between unlimited overdubs. So whether you’re creating a 6-minute play-along track or 30 seconds of cascading melodies and harmonies, the MXR Clone Looper has you covered. Your loops stay in the pedal between uses, even when you power it down, so it’s easy to take ideas from home to the practice space for fleshing out. Advanced features, including 1/2–2x time stretching, expression pedal and tap switch inputs, and Play Once mode for backing tracks, give the MXR Clone Looper plenty of room to grow into as your needs do. It’s all set in a brushed metal housing with an irreproachable all-analog signal path with programmable true/buffered bypass switching to suit any pedal setup.

MXR Clone Looper Pedal Features:
High-fidelity 88.2kHz sample rates
Unlimited loop layers — up to 6 minutes total
Loops stay on the pedal between power-downs
Play Once mode is great for one-shots
Stretchable time (1/2–2x) via expression pedal or tempo-tap switch
Loop reverse creates memorable effects
Bulletproof brushed metal housing
Analog through-path
Toggleable true/buffered bypass switching