Geezer Butler: “Remembering Geoff Nicholls…Integral Part of Sabbath Since 1980”

Geezer Butler: Remembering Geoff Nicholls, 5 years since he departed this world. Integral part of Sabbath since 1980.

From an Interview w/ Bass Magazine, Geezer said:

“On Heaven and Hell, all the tracks were recorded without my bass. I left the band [during the Heaven and Hell recording sessions] because I was having personal problems back in England. And so, once I sorted those problems out, I came back, but all the [other] tracks had been done.”

“The bass was [recorded] completely separate, so it had to sound different, because there was no bass while the guitars, vocals, and drums were [being] put down; whereas Mob Rules, it’s the whole band [playing] together.”

“Geoff came up with that (bass groove that anchors the verses in the song “Heaven and Hell.”) I thought that it suited it perfectly. So I kept those bits in, and just changed the choruses and the middle eight bits; but the actual, verse bass line, that was Geoff Nicholls who came up with that.”