Mike Muir on Dave Lombardo, “he gives them everything he’s got”

Suicidal Tendencies frontman, Mike Muir, recently spoke with San Diego City Beat. Here are some highlights:
World Gone Mad is the twelfth Suicidal Tendencies studio album and the first to feature former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.  It is a well-timed collection of thrash-infused social commentary, but like all Suicidal Tendencies albums, it was never intended to be a singular political statement.

“I don’t think we’re a political band,” Muir says. “With such limited time, it’s really hard to get a point across—especially when people don’t want facts. They just want something that reinforces their own opinion, and that goes beyond things like the election. I’m much more of a ‘this is the way it is, why is it that way?’ person.”

Dave Lombardo (Slayer)

“Dave is obviously an amazing drummer,” the bandleader recently told CityBeat in a phone interview from Santa Monica. “But it’s great to be in a situation with a person that so enjoys being in the band. He doesn’t take a night off. He knows a lot of people are there just to see him, and he gives them everything he’s got. And it’s not like, ‘Oh, you should’ve seen the 30-year-old Dave!’ He’s up there putting other people to shame. His ethic works very well with ours.”

Live Show

“We don’t want to be a nostalgic band,” says Muir. “We want to remind people why they love the band. And we take the approach that every show might be the first and last time someone sees us. We want to have as much impact as we can.”