Michael Sweet Names His Favorite & Least Favorite Stryper Songs from Each Album – 2022

Michael Sweet:

I’ve had many people ask me “what are your favorite songs from each album?” and “what are your least favorite songs from each album?”

Here’s goes:

TY&BA (The Yellow & Black Attack EP):
Favorite – Loving You
Least Favorite – From Wrong To Right

TY&BA (Remix)
Favorite – Reason For The Season
Least Favorite – My Love I’ll Always Show

Soldiers Under Command:
Favorite – First Love
Least Favorite – Together Forever

THWTD (To Hell with the Devil):
Favorite – More Than a Man
Least Favorite – Abyss

IGWT (In God We Trust):
Favorite – The Writings on The Wall
Least Favorite – Come To The Everlife

Against The Law:
Favorite – All For One
Least Favorite – Not That Kind of Guy

Favorite – When Did I See You Cry
Least Favorite – 10,000 Years

Murder By Pride:
Favorite – I Believe
Least Favorite – Peace of Mind

The Covering:
Favorite – God
Least Favorite – Immigrant Song

No More Hell To Pay:
Favorite – Sympathy
Least Favorite – Jesus is Just Alright

Favorite – Yahweh
Least Favorite – All Over Again

God Damn Evil:
Favorite – Sorry
Least Favorite – Sea of Thieves

Even The Devil Believes:
Favorite – Do Unto Others
Least Favorite – Invitation Only

The Final Battle:
Favorite – The Way, The Truth, The Life
Least Favorite – Out, Up & In