John 5 ‘It’s Alive’ New Live Album Announced for 2018

Today (October 31st), John 5 completed his first #AskJohn5 session on his official community forum. In it, he was asked by fan marcusfiddy if he had any plans to release new music or other new products.

John 5’s reply: “I’m going to be releasing a live record next year, really excited about that as it’s my first one. It’s going to be called IT’S ALIVE!”

It’s Alive! will be released worldwide on January 25, 2018.

Album Details:
Available on CD and double LP colored vinyl.
You can pre-order the album at the official John 5 store at this location. It will be released on January 25th and on the same day on digital formats (streaming and purchasing). A 24-page full-color tour book will also be available for purchase separately.


1. Guitars, Tits and Monsters

2. Flight of The Vulcan Kelly

3. Six Hundred and Sixty Six Pickers In Hell, CA

4. Here’s to the Crazy Ones

5. This is my Rifle

6. Jiffy Jam

7. Hall Haw

8. Season Of The Witch

9. The Nightmare Unravels

10. Portrait of Sydney Sloan

11. Triple D

12. Black Grass Plague

13. Behind The Nut Love

14. Making Monsters

15. Beat It

16. Now Fear This

17. Medley