Jason Bonham Talks About His 2017 Ferrari F12 via Motor Trend 2019

Sammy Hagar (Official):  Jason Bonham found time in between Circle gigs to talk to Motor Trend. Read about how Jason ended up with his 2017 Ferrari F12 based on the wise words of the Red Rocker.

“I’ve had about 40 cars in my lifetime, maybe more, from Lamborghinis and McLarens to Bentleys and Rolls-Royces, but I always lost so much money. [Hagar] said, ‘Get yourself a Ferrari, it’ll hold its money, do something sensible!’ And then he went, ‘I didn’t mean buy a new one!'” he says, laughing. “And then, of course, because of Dad, I looked at it, and then when I got my mum to sit in it and she smelled it, she went, ‘Oh my God, it takes me back to the one your dad had.’ That was worth it for that.”

When I buy the sporty cars, even the Range Rover, I was like, ‘My dad had one of these,’ so it was like I wanted one,” he says. “I’ve loved Range Rovers. That goes back to when I was a kid. My dad had the first ever Range Rover that was ever made—the first wave back in the ’70s—and he had one every year from that moment, and mom has continued to do that. From the moment they started Range Rovers, they’ve been in my family.”

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