Guitarist John 5 Plays Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar Solo from Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” – 2022 – VIDEO

John 5:

Missing Eddie


From a conversation on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk”, John 5 said:

“The thing about Ed is — which people that don’t play guitar don’t understand this — he looked at the instrument different, just like Steve Jobs would look at a computer different or anything else; Thomas Edison would look at something different. That’s what was so special, and that’s why we have lost such a giant, such an important figure in music.

“I would go down to the Van Halen rehearsal and I would pick up his guitar and play through his rig, and I would sound nothing like Eddie Van Halen even if I played a Van Halen song,” he explained. “And that’s the difference, because it’s what’s inside you. It’s those hands; it’s that feel. It’s like trying to describe the color blue. It’s a feeling, and it’s something you have. And I don’t know if we’ll ever have that again — ever.”