Guitar Played by Kittie Guitarist Morgan Lander Up for Auction

A guitar used by Morgan Lander of the Canadian female metal band Kittie is up for auction on Ebay. According to the description, Lander played the GW Flying V guitar on tour and in the band’s official video for their song “What I’ve Always Wanted.” The starting bid is C $4,000.00 (approximately $3000 in U.S. dollars). Visit the auction at this location.

Description on Ebay
“Some Life changes are forcing me to part ways with this extremely collectible custom guitar. It is one of 3 custom designed and handcrafted GW Flying V Guitars owned by Morgan Lander of the Canadian Female Metal band KITTIE. I am the designer/builder/and current owner of the instrument. It is completely one-of a kind, as the other two models had different features, ie: inlays, pickguard etc. The instrument can be seen in use in the official Video for “What I’ve Always Wanted,” and in numerous live photos of Kittie on tour online.

“This is #2 in the series, built in 2001, shortly after, and as a tour backup to the original GW “Morgan Lander Signature V” Which was used extensively in the earlier years of the band (ie: ozzfest 2000). These guitars were the FIRST and ORIGINAL prototypes to feature the signature metal (aluminum& Brass) pawprint fingerboard inlays which became the trademark of subsequent follow up “brand name” “ML Signature” production models from companies such as ESP, Hamer, etc.

“These follow-up instruments were not constructed in the same fashion with the same quality materials, attention to detail, and hands-on craftsmanship as the ones from the GW Custom shop workshop….

“This GW instrument is a one-of a kind original instrument and a piece of rock history!

“About the guitar: It is constructed of hand selected premium tonewoods, a 2-piece center joined light weight solid Honduras Mahogany body, a one piece select quartersawn Honduras Mahogany neck, and a jet black solid African Ebony fingerboard, the likes of which are almost unattainable and rarely found on any but the most prized instruments.

“It also features a very dark Macassar Ebony Headstock overlay with the Aluminum “GW” logo inlay.

“The instrument dimensions are based on the original 1958 Korina V designs, with a major difference being the design of the neck joint…the GW has a contoured inset neck, whereas the Original ’58 has a squared off dovetail type joint. The GW neckjoint actually extends under the neck pickup, making for a stronger and more resonant result.

“The fingerboard inlays are hand crafted from Brass and Aluminum, and one of the main departures from the original #1 2000 Model was that we opted to use the signature catpaw inlays on the entire board for this model, whereas the original only had 2 on the 12th fret position! The edge dots are also aluminum surrounded Brass for good onstage visibility. Another change from the #1 guitar was the inlay on the upper half of the V body….the #1 has 2 larger metal Paw inlays….this one has 4 metal clawmarks inlaid into the wood….something we felt was indicative of a more “aggressive” approach.

“The finish is a Lacquer with a black basecoat and multiple clearcoats. The rear of the neck is unfinished and has only an oil coat finish to give it an amazing feel. A thin, Fast neck, best decribed as a “standard thin C shape” gives this guitar a wonderful playability. Standard 24 ¾ scale length, with Dunlop 6105 Tall/ Med frets.

“Pickups are: Seymour Duncan ’59 in the neck, Gibson 490T in the center, and a Gibson 498T in the bridge.

“The switching allows for “standard” 2-pickup operation using the 3-way toggle, with a second “mini” toggle to engage the center pickup in any configuration…essentially 6 different pickup combinations are possible….so this is not just a “one trick” instrument! A single Volume control then directly to the output makes for maximum transparency on the wiring.

“Laser-cut mirror stainless steel pickguard, and an all-aluminum treadplate “skidpad”, and output jackplate, chrome pickup mounting rings, set the “metal” look for this beauty! Another unique trim feature is the Stainless steel wristguard…We designed these and also modded the original #1 V after about 4 months of use. Morgan came back from the 2000 tour and had worn a good chunk of wood away from the top edge of the body with the studded wristbands she used to wear! This model had the edge guard installed as part of the re-design to keep the body from being gouged!

“The guitar has been completely serviced and setup at the GW custom shop here in London Ontario, The frets have been dressed, crowned and polished, action, intonation, neck adjustments, all has been done to factory spec. *currently the guitar is setup to Standard 440 tuning with .010-.046 D’Addario strings… to allow standard or drop D tuning for most applications. However, I will set it up to the buyers’ preference….specifically to tuning & String gauges as used by Morgan, if so desired.”