Grim Reaper Guitarist Nick Bowcott Pays Tribute to Steve Grimmett: “The only thing bigger than his amazing voice was his heart” – 2022

Nick Bowcott: STEVE GRIMMETT (Aug 19th, 1959 – Aug 15th, 2022): REST IN PEACE, MATE. REST IN PEACE…

This heartbreaking news has rendered me speechless ever since it was broken to me. And, to be frank, it has literally broken me, so I’m just gonna let the words flow from my heart and see what happens…

Only the good die young – or so it is said. At the age of 62, Steve was young – too darned young. And, he wasn’t just good – he was GREAT – freaking great: not only as a singer, but as a human being. IMHO, the only thing bigger than his amazing voice was his heart.

As a metal fledgling, I first became (very!) aware of Steve in a local “rival” band – he was in Medusa and I was in the band I co-founded, Grim Reaper. The reason I put “” around the word rival is simply because we actually weren’t rivals at all! Grim Reaper always cheered on Medusa and vice-versa.

Through good fortune (actually, I feel “destiny” is a better word), a few years later, Steve joined Grim Reaper and due to his voice, Reaper’s music morphed from something that was very much Thin Lizzy & Van Halen inspired, to pure melodic metal a la Maiden and, of course, the mighty Priest. Then we co-wrote “See You In Hell” and everything slowly but surely changed…forever.

I’ve always said that my 5 favorite metal singers are: Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, John Bush, David Wayne and – of course, Steve. Yep, IMHO he was, is and always will be that freaking good. Still can’t believe he’s gone – and my heart, thoughts and prayers are with his dear wife, Millie, his family, loved ones and friends….damn.

Heaven came down today and took back an angel with a mighty roar. What a man, what a voice, what an honor, what a pleasure. Thanks for everything Steve, mate – you will be forever missed, and your memory, music and incredible voice will always live on. Until we meet again – Rest In Peace, my dear, dear friend and comrade in metal arms.