Ginger Wildheart’s Daughter Jazmin Bean: “I have been in rehab for the past couple of months….RECOVERY IS C*NT!!!!!” – 2022

Jazmin Bean:

Hi, I wanted to open up about some amazing personal news and I guess people probably wonder what’s up w my constant dips recently, I have been in rehab for the past couple of months and proud to say the decision was a passionate one …..

Pieces may have been put together but I over the past 4 years have been quietly struggling with drug addiction and a treacherous battle w ketamine that really put a damper on my soul and I thought wasn’t possible to ever escape.

Is extremely vulnerable of course to open up about but I wanted to be honest about my shit, I’m tired of being the “functional addict”, I’m tired of being the addict in hiding the addict the addict that “doesn’t look like an addict” or hearing the gasp when I confide in my struggle. This addiction has no face, and we are all the same.

Getting help has been the best decision and hardest one I have made in my life. Wow I’m excited to be myself again because myself is gorg. Getting ur spirit back can be rigorous and overwhelming and isn’t promised to be easy but recovery is possible and RECOVERY IS C*NT!!!!! U r strong enough to kick ur garbage to the curb. Ready to create new shit , love u all lots.