Ace Frehley’s Original Hand-Drawn KISS Logo from 1973 Up for Auction – 2022

Gotta Have Rock and Roll:

KISS Logo Original Artwork 1973 Hand-Drawn and Designed by Ace Frehley with COA Signed by Ace Frehley — For years now, we have all heard the story of the creation of the KISS band name and KISS logo — Paul Stanley thought of the name, Ace designed the logo, and then Paul refined the logo — But from the Paul and Gene perspective, we were never shown what the original version of the logo looked like — It’s clear now, the reason it was never shown to us, was because Gene and Paul didn’t have it to show anyone; the artwork was buried within Ace’s personal collection. Ace unveiled the original logo artwork for the first time in 2011 within the middle interior color page section of Ace’s No Regrets Book and discussed its creation on page 77 of his book.