Black n Blue Drummer Pete Holmes Needs Help w/ Medical Bills

Drummer Pete Holmes (Black n Blue, Malice, Mandy Lion’s WWIII, Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth, Peter Gabriel, Ted Nugent) needs our help. Pete’s wife Annette has been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and the stress & medical bills are piling up. Here’s more info from the GoFundME page:

“It’s always difficult to ask for help. That being said, sometimes circumstances being what they are…you have to admit you can’t do it alone, pray and just ask.”

“What started out with a small lump two months ago, has turned into two surgeries, a lumpectomy, mastectomy and repair to damaged skin surrounding. Annette has aggressive breast cancer. She will start chemo Aug 15th, every two weeks, for 16 weeks. There will be a follow up visit and shot after each treatment. As soon as she is strong enough, she will have her second mastectomy. She is in good spirits and determined to not let cancer win.”

“Pete has had to forgo any opportunities to work. Countless doctor visits and changing her drains and bandages and making sure Annette’s needs are met 24/7 have thrown him into the role of caregiver. A nurse comes in once a week to check on them but it is Peter carrying the load, the heavy responsibility. Their healthcare insurance is minimal, almost nonexistent, as is the case with many musicians. There’s no FMLA nor compensation for this huge undertaking and his being away from the working world. They have depleted their savings and the stress is taking a toll emotionally, as you can imagine….and they have only just begun to fight this battle.”

“Thank you for taking the time to read this devastating news, and if you are able to help, in any way, no words will be able to describe their humble gratitude.”

If you are in a position to help, please do, located here.