George Lynch on Electric Freedom Transitioning Back to Lynch Mob: “I’ve just got to live with the fact that it has some negative connotations” – 2022 – full in bloom INTERVIEW

This is a full in bloom interview with Dokken/Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch.

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW VIA THE EMBEDDED YOUTUBE CLIP BELOW. You can access the video directly on YouTube. A small excerpt has been transcribed below.


George talks about an average working day and reveals the reason he’s transitioning from Electric Freedom back to Lynch Mob.

George Lynch:

Electric Freedom. We’re transitioning back to Lynch Mob.

full in bloom: What’s that about?

George Lynch:

Well, it’s just a brand that I’ve established for over three decades, obviously. Nothing is perfect. I’ve just got to live with the fact that it has some negative connotations that I probably have to continue explaining for the rest of my life, and I don’t mind doing that. But it is a brand that I built, and I’m just going to stick with it. As far as a marketing thing, a brand thing, a business thing, and a working thing, it keeps my band guys working. It keeps the fans happy. It makes sense.

I really felt when I adopted Electric Freedom, I was going against the grain more than keeping the old name. (laughs) I really felt a lot more resistance than I had ever felt having Lynch Mob, that’s the reality of it. Nobody really liked it, and then, like, living with that was just kind of uncomfortable. It’s like, “Oh, ok, we just got to put up with George’s decision here,” but nobody agrees with it. It had sort of a disingenuous ring to it, as much as my motives were pure.

You can listen to the entire interview segment via the embedded YouTube clip below.