Foster the People “Imagination” New Song 2019


Foster the People: “i think the quality that makes us distinctly human is our ability to live in duality. we comprehend the present external world we’re in, while having an internal dialogue about what it all means. we can be our own best friends. we can be our own mortal enemy.

“we can ski the alps in the peak of summer from under our bed covers at night. we can sail the high seas with Yeats and pick his brain about the afterlife in the holy city of Byzantium. we can fall in love with a stranger that passes us on the street;

“forming a complete history and future with a person we’ve never even spoken to. our internal life is a universe, worthy to be explored and engaged. a dangerous place full of desires, undiscovered and unfulfilled. in our imagination we can escape our reality and create a new one.

“‘Imagination’ out now”