Dimebag Darrell’s Girl Rita Haney vs Video Bob Moseley: “He was not allowed in our home” – 2022 – VIDEO – PANTERA – Vinnie Paul

Rita Haney (dimebagzhag):

I’m sure a lot of you were sent this.. I know I have been sent it several times today.. Video Bob was not friends with Darrell, as a matter of fact, he was not allowed in our home, nor did he ever work for Pantera and is definitely NOT Bobby Tongs.. there are several “not true” facts in this video and for him to try and speak for Dime is absurd!

I cannot speak for his friendship with Vinnie, but I can correct the untruths he speaks about his embellished encounters and so-called relationships with Dime and Pantera.. to try and assert himself into Darrell’s life as to some kind of authority about his friends and family and say they had none, is ridiculous.. you should be ashamed of yourself for speaking about things at Darrell’s memorial that did not happen the way you claim.. you were not present nor privileged!

Just STOP!

I posted on the guy’s YouTube channel that did this interview and he hid my comments.. so here they are for any one who does care.. Thanks

Video Bob:

I would like to clarify that I never worked for the band Pantera or Damageplan. I started working for Vinnie when he started his record label with Fontana / Universal in 2006.

Whereas I did get some credits and awards for some video that was included on various tapes, the credit for the Pantera home videos and things goes to Darrel Arnburger AKA “Bobby Tongs” who was Dime’s close friend and video guy. I am often confused with him. He’s a great guy and deserves his credit.

I am proud of the work I got to do on Rebel Meets Rebel, Dimevision, the Dimebag Book, Hellyeah music videos and DVDs and other projects.

The only things I got to work with Dime on was the Drowning Pool tribute DVD “Sinema” when I interviewed him at his house.

I did get to attend parties with him, at his house and Vinnie’s house, but I didn’t get to know him closely before he was killed.

My personal relationship was with Vinnie.


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