Boy & Bear Drummer Tim Hart New Solo Album & Single ‘The Narrow Corner’ LISTEN

“I’d Do Well,” a new song from Boy & Bear drummer Tim Hart, can be heard below. The track appears on Hart’s forthcoming solo album, The Narrow Corner, available worldwide February 2, 2018.

The Narrow Corner was mostly written on the road and recorded in between Boy & Bear tours. The album hinges on themes of loss, disconnection, and how travel alters perspective, for better and worse. It also introduces Hart as a skilled and plain-spoken curator of his own interior universe.

“I’m really interested in the way we write about love and good or bad times,” says Hart. “A lot of people write about love and loss with anger and passion. But there’s something nice about when passion has gone away and the anger is not so acute, but the reality is still there. As if you’re scarred from an event and have to carry it with you but life goes on. So I find the complacent and the mundane really interesting, because it holds that and that’s what life is like most of the time.”

Hart released his solo debut, Milling The Wind, in 2012.